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[S1E4] Basis WORK

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[S1E4] Basis

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  • Foreshadowing: In a flashback, a young Duchess is shown using a magic wand to divide a golden heart into two for her and Artephius despite the fact that the Duchess supposedly has no magical power of her own in the present day. This manages to foreshadow two things at once; that there is more to the Duchess' past than it seems, and that Artephius' memory is somewhat resistant to being rewritten.

  • Hidden Depths: Artephius reveals he is not just a nut that loves macrame, but a great alchemist that figured out how to turn anything to gold.

  • Joke Item: While taking inventory of her collection, the Duchess is surprised to find she has a spell for conjuring sand bags. Guess what knocks out Duchess.

  • Psycho Ex-Girlfriend: Duchess to Artephius, but she tries to hide this by claiming she just wants his gold power.

  • Remember the New Guy?: This is the Duchess' debut, but Artephius and Puss already have history with her and act like she's well known.

  • Scary Scarecrows: Puss constructs a scarecrow of himself to ward off intruders, but it ends up creeping Toby out instead. It didn't help that Dulcinea mentioned that it was stuffed with doll heads.

  • Sealed Evil in a Can/Sealed Good in a Can: The various souls. Since Puss can't easily judge which is which on a soul-to-soul basis, he decides to give them all the benefit of the doubt and set them all free.

  • Soul-Powered Engine: How the Duchess uses her souls. She has jetpack for her flying spell, a controller for her mind control spell, and her gun for most other spells.



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