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Park Place Out Of Time Official Video

The McCormick Place Technology Services Department is responsible for the delivery internet, telecommunications and cable tv services. From the time you place your order through move out our Customer Service Managers are here to serve you in a professional, efficient and user-friendly manner.

Park Place Out of Time official video

The show organizer will send you an Exhibitor Manual prior to the show. The manual contains event specific information and ordering forms for suppliers selected by the show organizer to service exhibitors. Taking the time to work with these official service contractors along with the McCormick Place team of skilled workers will keep you on the path of easy move-in and move-out, leaving you the time to focus on showing your product.

Our event venue at Park Place Banquet Hall is the best choice. You can spend your time enjoying family and friends and leave the work to us. We will set up the room according to your wishes, with tables and chairs placed to your instructions and a fully stocked bar.

Inside the new Lytle Park Hotel is a special dining experience; Subito. A nod to when families, and friends gather in the park, the Executive Chef has created offerings with authentic Northern Italian cuisine, that encourage you to make Subito your favorite gathering spot. Multiple culinary venues within the restaurant and bar all include food made from scratch and hand-crafted classic cocktails, so many choices that guests will want to come back time and again to create time honored memories. 041b061a72


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