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CVE-2020-0601: The ChainOfFools Attack Explained With PoC And A Test Website. [PATCHED]

D-Link routers with the mydlink feature have some web interfaces without authentication requirements. An attacker can remotely obtain users' DNS query logs and login logs. Vulnerable targets include but are not limited to the latest firmware versions of DIR-817LW (A1-1.04), DIR-816L (B1-2.06), DIR-816 (B1-2.06?), DIR-850L (A1-1.09), and DIR-868L (A1-1.10).

CVE-2020-0601: the ChainOfFools attack explained with PoC and a test website.


An improper authentication vulnerability can be exploited through a race condition that occurs in Ellucian Banner Web Tailor 8.8.3, 8.8.4, and 8.9 and Banner Enterprise Identity Services 8.3, 8.3.1, 8.3.2, and 8.4, in conjunction with SSO Manager. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to steal a victim's session (and cause a denial of service) by repeatedly requesting the initial Banner Web Tailor main page with the IDMSESSID cookie set to the victim's UDCID, which in the case tested is the institutional ID. During a login attempt by a victim, the attacker can leverage the race condition and will be issued the SESSID that was meant for this victim.

An issue was discovered in phpMyAdmin 4.8.x before 4.8.2, in which an attacker can include (view and potentially execute) files on the server. The vulnerability comes from a portion of code where pages are redirected and loaded within phpMyAdmin, and an improper test for whitelisted pages. An attacker must be authenticated, except in the "$cfg['AllowArbitraryServer'] = true" case (where an attacker can specify any host he/she is already in control of, and execute arbitrary code on phpMyAdmin) and the "$cfg['ServerDefault'] = 0" case (which bypasses the login requirement and runs the vulnerable code without any authentication).

Directory traversal vulnerability in cgi-bin/rftest.cgi on Crestron AirMedia AM-100 devices with firmware before allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a .. (dot dot) in the ATE_COMMAND parameter. 350c69d7ab


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