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Shrink High Game Walkthrough

Footprints: These are in the grove just to the right of the entrance to the forest. Antenna: These are in the far back of the forest, atop a low platform. Stench: Climb the mushroom platforms in the back of the forest, heading left to the tall tree. Enter the door in the trunk, and Sora lands on the stove in the kitchen, where the Stench sits in a treasure chest. Claw Marks: This is the hard part. Go all the way back to the Lotus Forest. On your left, there's a yellow flower -- give it a Potion and Sora will grow bigger. Thus enlarged, jump on the tree stump by the entrance, which raises a platform. Then, turn around and grab the seed that sits high in the tree. Eating it will shrink Sora back down. Go to the grove to the right of the entrance and climb up the mushroom platforms, which leads to a bridge of platforms to the right-hand corner nearest the entrance. This leads to the top of a faucet. Jump from there to a shelf, to Sora's right, and there sit the Claw Marks.

Shrink High Game Walkthrough

A turning point in the plot, and the game's main appeal, comes when Chijinda's suddenly shrinks and struggles to survive while battling insects, high school students, and members of a secret society [3] [4].

There are a few Pokemon that can give one great four-star photos in the hidden routes unlocked by shrinking, so be on the lookout for these picturesque chances! It may take a few tries to get the best shots, but with a game that looks this nice, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

After wetting the 2 sponges to get to the next platform, Agent 3's is going to have to get across a sponge alley, guarded by 5 Octotroopers. There is an Inkzooka to help get across easier. Not using the Inkzooka can be challenging, due to enemy ink Shrinking a wet sponge. If chosen to not use the Inkzooka, take out the Octotroopers to make it easier, but be cautious they can shoot it at a high fire rate, making a wet sponge shrink faster. 041b061a72


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