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I too, am sad to learn of Pastor Paul's alledged indiscretion. As it has already been stated, he is a human being, in spite of his title, and he not immune to sin. None of us are.This is a time for all Christians to band together to pray for healing in his marriage and for his spiritual rebirth. May God bless Pastor Paul and his family, as they take time to pick up the pieces of their shattered life.

lil wayne i am not a human being 2 download zippy

Spatula,It appears to me that you need therapy to deal with your anger issues and understanding. If Pastor Paul had caused you any direct pain, then I would definitely understand your position. Your passive agressive behavior is ridiculous and I pray that you seek the help that you need.I have visited over 100 churches in my profession and I can personally attest to the fact that Abundant Life may have been characterized as Charismatic by numbers, but not the message. Stop judging and listen to some of Pastor Paul's messages. The format was a message directed at a diverse group of people. He didn't preach, but he taught. You are definitely way off base and I think that you know this deep inside. The one thing that binds all humans to God is our spirit. I believe that you are so angry because your spirit is disturbed. I will definitely pray for you. How can you be happy about someone else's mysery? As a Believer, I may not believe in homosexuality. However, if you as an obvious homosexual was hurt or in need, I would assist you. Not because of redemption, my ego, or a need to make myself feel better, but because God applies the same grace and mercy to my life. Furthermore, instinctively I know that it is the right thing to do. This is the message of "Good News" that was being taught and applied at Abundant Life. While the environment was filled with Believers that love Christ, I wouldn't call it religious. You should do your research before judging. I think you are miserable in your own skin and need psychological help. I pray that one day, you find "truth and peace" within.Have a Blessed Day!

It was a shocking news but we are all sinner. We are living in a world that full of temptation. Satan is using every weapon to destroy the church and God's people. Let's stay strong and not to condemn Pastor Paul. Love cover multiple of sin. And we believe in God, not human being. God is trust worthy and righteous. Let's continue to pray for Pastor Paul and his family for healing and restoration.

Not surprising. When one wraps oneself in the cloak of an alleged supreme being, supported by the circular logic of an alleged holy scripture, and hold oneself and ones' disciples and followers up as superior to everyone else on the planet as pastors like this do, the fall is simply a matter of time. Because as so many have noted here, we're all human. The crutch of "god" will last only so long before it collapses into the nothingness it really is.Longing for the day when we can finally be free from the persecution of christianity and the horror and havoc it wreaks on this world.Fully expecting this comment to be deleted by the intolerant moderator of this board. Who, interestingly enough, defends his church and his religion and cares little about the trashing that does on in other threads . . .Happy Winter Sosltice, everyone!

My heart goes out to Paul Shephard and his family and my prayers will be with them. He is a fallible human being just like the rest of us. Please don't be so quick to write this man off, lest you fall into the same temptation.God can take even this and use it for good and for His glory.

I have viewed some of these comments and I find some disturbing. It seems we forget the adversary is very cunning and he works on all of our weakness. This excuse of being human isn't in the BIBLE. The word is SIN. We are quick to condemn instead of forgiving. For Jesus says it is written thou shalt worship the Lord God and him only. So we keep our hearts and minds on Jesus and not man. I pray for the Pastor Paul and family. May God be with you and yours always. When making derogatory comments look in the mirror at yourselves or open those closet doors and see what falls out. Where is the love and the support Pastor Paul and family needs?

Here is the problem with that ... "moral failure" and it needs to be comunicated to pastor paul.I fall down every day , I fail every day . So what if he had a moral failure he's human. Thats dumb.Why can't we still download the messages there are i mean just cause this happened doesn't mean what he was teaching was false. Even if he was faking it (i'm not saying he was) the messages were still very good.I don't care about the moral failure i've been looking for a pastor that teaches me something for 20 years now he quits that dumb. God loves you where you are , when you fall down get up

I feel very angry, shocked, hurt, betrayed, furious, disappointed and rejected by what Pastor Paul has done. Every weekend for the last couple of years I so looked forward to hearing him teach. Days when I didn't feel like going to church or when things were just bringing me down, I knew if I just made it to ALCF and if Pastor Paul was speaking, I'd leave afterwards feeling uplifted and hopeful. Every single time. His humor and his way of looking at things in Scripture and in life is so refreshing and unique. Everyday at 2:30pm it was a nice time to stop and take a break and reflect listening to Enduring Truth. As a newer Christian, the radio program sustained me daily. And now all of that is gone. His saying, that it's not a Pastor Paul thing but it's all about God, is what is preventing me from being angrier at God right now. I realize we are all human and have our weaknesses, "from the pastor on down", and I know I will eventually forgive him. But, I'm just so shocked and angry right now. With that said, I will TRULY miss Pastor Paul. His work has positively touched the lives of more people than anyone will ever know. I pray for healing for his wife, kids and him. And I thank God for the short period of time that I had growing in faith under Pastor Paul's teachings. Thank you and God be with you Pastor Paul.

I do not believe anyone on here that supports Pastor Paul Sheppard has mistaken or confused him with God.With that being said, ANYONE Christian or not is a fool if they believe and follow another person blindly (in any situation, not just spiritually).First one must do research for him/herself and decide whether or not the leader and teaching are worth followingSecondly, everyone being of the human race is susceptible to doing something they know they have no business doing.For example, If you see a vegetarian eating meat once should they be shunned forever?Another example, how many of us drive above speed limit when we drive or "roll through" stop signs?And, how many of these same people (have no bad/public dmv record) therefore still consider themselves good drivers?How many of us j-walk (sp?) (making sure i have neutral examples)Often time Christians have set an example of hypocrisy.The truth is EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO HAS EVER WALKED THIS EARTH HAS DONE SOMETHING OTHERS OR THEMESELVES CONSIDERED HYPOCRITICAL! EVERYONE!Sadly, its usually the memebers and the public that try to deify a man working for God.But no one is God but God! He is judge and no one else.Pastor Paul is no different than Tiger Woods, Jim Bakker, SF Mayor Gavin Newsom, or anyone else with indiscretions (whatever they may be).But quite possibly, the only thing Pastor Paul & Jim Bakker have differently than Tiger Woods & Mayor Newsom, is a Savior that will help Him get his life together, if He submits to change.I do not profess to judge Tiger Woods, Mayor Newsom, or anyoen else. I just know what the others are indeed saved and can claim this.As for the atheists. I beleive you have generalized on something you know little about.Have you ever taken time to open a Bible and read for yourself what the Bible says?Then have someone who knows how to interpret it properly explain it to you?In my opinion, most people who acost christians have never done this, therefore speak from an angle of ignorance.For someone to assume knowledge of something they first have to learn about it. I do not think that was done here.Unfortunately there are many extremists and hypocrites who have given Chrsitianity a bad name.But that is not everyone.I don't think anyone on here that professed their faith have said anything derogatory toward you (as far as I have read).They have mostly spoke about mercy, forgiveness, grace, and some agreement of the need for Pastor Paul to step down from his role.The Bible says judge not, lest you be judged. That is for anyone male female, Chrsitian Atheist Black White, whatever.The Bible gives you a path in how to lead your life. And a way to get back to, if you go astray. It is the Bible not people that give direction.The leaders are just vessels being used by God, not perfect but used anyway. The good thing this kind of grace and mercy is available to you too, forgiveness is available and a better way to think and live can be yours if you are willing.Everyone falls short at some point. With some thing. Whether its big or small, known or unknown.No one is immune, just some peope know how to what to do to get back on track, and others...

To all my christian brothers and sister that wrote on this posting of our brothers failure, what's truly your problem? I know that we all have failed at something and come short of what our goals were. Where is GOD'S mercy from you that extends to my friend and Favortie teacher, pastor Paul. Hey guess what he's human too. And can give into temptation just like the rest of us. Pastor Paul if you read this please know that we all are tempted by something or someone, there's no shame in admitting and working out your problem. If we could do all that we needed to do, CHRIST WOULD NOT HAVE TO COME!!!!!! So being the leader that you are please continue to do what GOD HAS CALLED YOU TO DO!!!!!! MAN IS AND WILL BE FLAUD ALL THE DAYS OF HIS LIFE, BUT IN CHRIST WE ARE ALLLLLLLLL GGGGGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. THANKS, YOUR BROTHER IN CHRIST, EMMANUEL TYLER FROM CHICAGO, IL LISTENS ON WYLL1160 DAILY.


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